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Welcome to my world 🙂

As you know, I've built this site with a lot of love and I use the best tools to make it work well. Now I want to share with you the tools I use on Blogging Done Better so you can benefit from them too. I've also included some really good tools and services here that I think are cool and you should consider using them.

Why should you choose the tools you use carefully?

WordPress is an excellent platform and you can use a number of themes and plugins to shape it for your use, but if you use the wrong tools, it can become very difficult to switch to better ones later on. You have to customize many things and while your site is live, that will hurt you.

If your site is new, then you should pay even closer attention to the words below and make you choose the very best tools to build your website on a rock solid foundation.

I only recommend the best tools out there and I'm sure you will get great benefits from each and every one of them.

Domains and Hosting

Every website needs a domain name and a space to host it on. was booked through one of the cheapest domain vendors in the market, CrazyDomains. You can pick up a domain name for cheap from here but I won't recommend you get hosting from them.

For hosting I recommend you use SiteGround, the same web host where this website is hosted. It's pretty cheap and if you're using WordPress then you'll be happy with their specialized WordPress hosting packages too.

Read more: A comparison between the best WordPress hosts.

Sitepro Logo

If you want a hosted solution: If you don't want to setup your own hosting, check out SitePro. They have a great site builder tool and affordable pricing.

A note about domains and hosting: I don't recommend you get a domain from your hosting provider even if they offer you one for free. The reason is that if you ever want to move away from your existing host, your domain is still controlled by them and if you want to move your domain to any other domain vendor (example GoDaddy) then you'll probably need to pay a hefty charge will negate the benefits of the free domain.

WordPress Themes

Once you've got WordPress installed, it's time to get a great theme which will not only help you get more email subscribers but will also come with a host of very useful features. You also want to make sure that your theme doesn't slow down your website.

So after a ton of research I've selected the Rise theme by Thrive Themes for IMobsession. Thrive Themes also has several other WordPress themes worth looking at. Best part is that they are so focused on speed that they optimize all images automatically from the best image optimization service ever: Kraken 🙂

Lead Generation and Design Tool

For lead generation I use Thrive Leads (read review) and for creating awesome content I use Thrive Architect. This is all quite convenient for me since all Thrive products work in tandem. For this reason I bought the Thrive Membership in 2015 and it's been serving me well ever since.

Social Sharing

To promote the social sharing of my blog posts, I selected Social Warfare as my plugin because it's fast and it offers a ton of options. It's a great plugin at quite a reasonable price.

Social Media Management

There are many great social media management tools out there and it was a tough decision to choose the best one for my needs. The tool had to fit it exactly with my social media goals and so after a ton of deliberation, I finally chose SmarterQueue.

Does that mean other tools are not great? Absolutely not!

All it means is that out of all the great tools out there like BufferHootSuiteAgorapulse and Socialoomph the one that fit me best was Buffer. I recommend you take a look around and choose the one that works best for you.

Email Marketing

Just like social sharing, Email Marketing is the backbone of IMobsession and I rely on it heavily to reach out to the subscribers and make sure they have the best possible experience here at

ActiveCampaign came as very highly recommended by a couple of bloggers I have tons of respect for. At first I was skeptical because I couldn't see much of what they offer just by looking at their website, but once I signed up for the 14 day trial, I was blown away. I'm in awe of their automations capabilities and I'm in love with their site tracking feature as well.

Now I can't imagine doing email marketing the old fashioned way. ActiveCampaign is what I recommend EVERY BLOGGER uses. Try it, at your own risk, because you won't ever want to use any other email marketing service ever again 🙂

GetResponse comes a close second (if for some reason you don't want to use ActiveCampaign)

Return Traffic

When I came across Sniply, I thought it was a brilliant idea. It allows me to link to other websites and have my visitors find their way back to my website quickly once they go away from my website. I don't know how to explain this clearly, so just take a look. I'm sure you'll love it 🙂

And the best part? SocialWarfare prevents others from placing such call to actions on my website when they link to me 😉

Analytics & HeatMaps

If you haven't heard of Google Analytics yet, chances are that you live under a rock. It the most widely used free web analytics platform of all time. To use it on my WordPress website I use the Better Analytics plugin.

Personally, I find Clicky to be more user friendly that Google Analytics and I use both the products together to get a better idea of what's going on on this website.

For heatmaps I use Mouseflow and HotJar. But if I were to choose just one it would be HotJar because its got a ton of features and quite generous usage limits for all the plans. And it helps that the tool is very reliable and works as advertised.

SEO & Keyword Research

For on page SEO, I use the SEO Ultimate plugin.

I use ProRankTracker to accurately figure out how my pages are ranking on Google.

Affiliate Marketing

I'm an affiliate for several excellent products on the web and I only promote the best products out there. I know that it takes years to build a solid reputation and an instant to lose it. So I keep that in mind whenever I'm promoting a product or service. The tools I use for affiliate marketing are:

Link masking through Pretty Link Pro.

Affiliate Networks: ShareaSale, Commission JunctionAmbassador, ClickBank and some individually run programs as well.


WordPress security is very important and to protect my website, I won't disclose a full list of things I do and products and services I use to protect my website. I do however recommend that you use Wordfence on all of your WordPress installations to make them safer.


In addition to making your website safer, you should also have off site backups to make sure you can restore your website if something goes wrong. For this I use the UpdraftPlus but I also highly recommend you take a look at CodeGuard. Remember: There's no such thing as too many backups.

Caching & Content Delivery Network

I use caching for all my WordPress posts and pages to ensure they load faster and at the same time reduce load on the server. There are many great caching plugins out there but I use the caching plugin SG CachePress created by SiteGround which only works for SiteGround WordPress hosting customers.

If you are not hosting your website on SiteGround, you should consider using WP Rocket or CometCache. Both are excellent plugins you can use to easily speed up your WordPress website.

I also use CloudFlare to get basic CDN services and also to protect my website from spammers. To be honest, I haven't found their free plan to be very useful.
Sucuri Web Application Firewall is a great paid alternative to CloudFlare.


My favourite personal productivity tools are Evernote which allows me to jot down my thoughts and post ideas while I'm on the move. It's great for when I must urgently write down my thoughts.

And when work takes it's toll and I need to relax and get back to peace, I just put on my headphones and meditate with Zen12.


vooplayer logo

vooPlayer is by far the best video player I've ever head of. It's got tons of features and makes the my training videos look oh-so-good.

Webinars and Podcasts

Webinars and Podcasts are a great way to connect with you audiance in a more human way and to communicate with your voice tone and sometimes with your body language. They are also and excellent medium to drive sales.

webinar jam logo

If you are looking to do webinars, you should definitely check out WebinarNinja & WebinarJam.

For podcasts, do not miss: SoundCloud and iTunes.

Everything Else

Fivver for outsourcing many things, Canva for graphics, Microsoft Office for obvious reasons, FileZilla for FTP access to the server, TypeForm for feedback forms, Adobe Photoshop for image editing and finally ColorCop is a nifty little Windows utility to help me figure out the exact colour of every pixel on the screen.

Phew 🙂

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