5 Kickass Twitter Bio Tips – Lesson 1 #TwitterDoneBetter

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Pop Quiz: Which Twitter statistic is the one that most people care about the most? (No prizes for guessing)

Follower numbers, of course.

In this course I’ll show you how I grew my Twitter following to 20,000+ real and engaged followers when spending less than ½ hour per day and without buying fake followers.

But having lots of followers on Twitter doesn’t mean anything really. What matters is, is that large following going to help you make more money?

If not, it’s a worthless statistic.

To make money from Twitter, first you’ll first need to have enough real human beings who are interested in your tweets following you on Twitter.

And to get those real followers you first need to:

  • Setup Your Profile Right
  • Create And Publish Engaging Tweets
  • Angle Double Right
    After you’ve learned how to get that going, I’ll show you How To Get Real, Relevant and Engaged Followers who love to follow you for your content
  • Angle Double Right
    How To Get Real, Relevant and Engaged Followers who love to follow you for your content
  • Angle Double Right
    And finally, I’ll teach you How To Grow Your Site Traffic From Twitter and How To Use Your Site To Grow Your Twitter Account

Now this course isn’t for people who want massive results overnight without putting in the effort. If you are willing to learn, setup things right and keep putting in a little effort everyday to grow your Twitter account, then this course is for you.

Let’s Begin:

Setting Up Your Twitter Profile:

Your Twitter profile is the first thing that someone checking out your account will see. Your job is to make this the best profile you can make so they get the best impression as their first impression of you.

A Twitter profile has 3 distinct parts:

  • The bio
  • The header image
  • Angle Double Right
    And the pinned tweet

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create a great Twitter Bio. To get started, watch the video above.

In the video I talked about some things like:

  • Creating a customer profile
  • Angle Double Right
    Lead magnets
  • Angle Double Right
    How to find out what your followers are interested in

So let’s talk about these topics for a bit.

Creating a customer profile:

This video does a great job of helping you create a customer profile. Have a listen:

Lead Magnets:

Ok, I’m not gonna talk about what lead magnets are and why bloggers should use them. That's explained at 7:19 minutes in the video above.

But click here for an awesome article about how to create lead magnet based opt in offers: 

How to find out what your followers are interested in:

A smart marketer uses many different techniques to figure out what their audience is interested in so they can present more relevant content in a more relatable way. Meaning that their audience will hang on to their every word.

Here’s a list of things you can do to know your peeps better:

Survey them: Ask them a bunch of questions and offer an awesome bribe to thank them for the time and effort they put in to take your survey. Still, make the survey easy and don’t ask more questions than you need to. Google Forms is a good free tool and SurveyMoney is a great paid tool for those looking for more options.

Quiz them: Quizzes are fun and lots of us like taking quizzes. And in the answers your audience members click, you can get lots of information that can help you cater to them better. And the great thing about quizzes is that they gain get you more newsletter subscribers and social shares than almost any other piece of content.

Watch out for #TwitterDoneBetter quizzes coming soon

Ask for feedback: Sometimes you can plain and simple ask for a feedback. Typeform is great for this.

You should also read the comments on your blog because you can learn a lot about your audience from their comments.

And pay attention to what people are saying on social media. People talk about a lot of things and there’s tons of chatter on social media, so you’ll need to narrow the conversation down to your niche. A great way to do that is to use a social media listening tool like AgoraPulse.

Resources - Lesson 1 – Twitter Bio

My Twitter Tools:

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In the next (upcoming) lesson you’ll learn how to create a great Twitter header image (that helps you get more sales, appointments, newsletter subscribers or anything else)

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