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15 Minutes to Better Google Rankings

In the article about writing amazing headlines we talked about the importance about testing headlines to see which ones work best. This guide assumes you have used the headline testing tool and have your headline split test results ready. Today, as a bonus, I’m gonna teach you how to use the headline split tests to get […]

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Are Your Sitemaps Creating Issues You Don’t Know About (and What To Do Instead)

For long Google and other search engines have been proclaiming that submitting sitemaps are the only way to get all posts and pages on your website indexed by them.While this was great advice in the 1990’s when search engine technology was in its infancy, it’s a whole different ballgame right now. And as online marketers, […]

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Should you let Google index your PDFs?

PDF file lead magnets are a great way to get more leads and subscribers for your email list. PDF files are also great for selling books and other content on your blog.Most people however just upload the PDFs to their server and don’t really bother hiding them from the prying eyes of Google and other […]

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